Novarad Announces Augmented Reality for Medical Education

SALT LAKE CITY -- Novarad Corporation, a leader in the development of medical imaging software, today announced the release of its augmented reality software for higher education, which will be available to academic institutions at a greatly reduced price.

OpenSight Augmented Reality System for Education will anchor itself in classrooms to give students and teachers an immersive and interactive experience by showing a 3D holographic view of any donor study performed with a CT machine using a Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset. It offers the ability to manipulate the hologram by using one of many different unique, intuitive, and easy-to-remember voice commands rotating, zooming, adjusting the contrast and brightness value to show different anatomical parts along with pre-set values to easily show bone, soft tissue, and organs.

Novarad created OpenSight to render patient studies into 3D virtual space and present them in an interactive manner accurately overlaid directly onto the patient's body and is now releasing a version exclusively for teaching facilities. The system leverages a host of advanced technologies including 3D imaging, advanced segmentation and rendering, virtual tools and 3D annotation technologies.

 "OpenSight is a gamechanger for education. Students get to use the latest technology of augmented reality to fully experience their anatomy labs and even participate in virtual labs. Now they can 'see through the donors while viewing the donors,' so to speak, and they can slice through the different anatomical areas and view them in their natural placement before dissection occurs," said David Grandpre, Senior Director of Product at Novarad. "This gives students an additional level of anatomical experience, and will make anatomy class more memorable. It is priced specifically for education."

Using OpenSight, students and teachers can also look at slices taken from the CT scan orthogonally, or dynamically, meaning users can lock the slice orthogonally and the view changes as users walk around the hologram, giving the user a 360° view of any slice on the study. OpenSight is also the first product of its kind to offer the educational planning feature that allows users to make virtual annotations like virtual needles or incisions, and be able to see those virtual annotations populate on the hologram of the study when looking through the HoloLens.

OpenSight has been used to improve the quality of training for surgeons, dentists and other health professionals at learning institutions such as McGill University. OpenSight for Education is available for purchase now at a reduced price for educational applications.

 A short video of the OpenSight surgery is available here. To learn more about the operation or to obtain more information on Novarad's OpenSight, please visit our website,, or follow us on Twitter, @NovaradCorp.


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