Factors to Look at When Considering Using a Radiology Imaging Solution Company

what factors to look at when considering using a radiology imaging solution company

There are so many radiology imaging solutions vendors in the market, imaging center managers and radiologists may find it a bit overwhelming to sort through the abundance of options when considering using a radiology imaging solution company.

So, what factors should you look for?


When considering using a radiology imaging solution company, a crucial factor is the availability of dedicated support teams to address issues quickly and provide maintenance when required.

A dedicated support team might consist of field engineers, application specialists, and technical support reps, who give timely responses and actually pick up the phone 24/7 to provide basic troubleshooting and maintenance, perhaps as an outpost of service spread over several sites for imaging solution management. This dedicated team will ensure that minor and major issues are addressed quickly.

To get the best, choose an imaging solution company with a dedicated support team concerned with reactive customer service and proactive customer success.


In getting the right imaging solutions for your radiology practice, you must choose a company with a wide selection of solutions that can meet your center's needs. An excellent example is Novarad, which has several recommended solutions that can help manage and improve your business to exceed the expectations of referring physicians and patients.

Lisa Drazil, administrative director for Specialty Teleradiology, says, "You should also put your trust into a company that caters to a wide range of practices, such as multi-modality imaging practices, physician groups, and urgent care facilities. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that they have diverse experience and can provide you with quality work."


Another factor to look for is the company's culture. In this regard, there are a few questions to ask during your search for the best imaging solution company for your needs.

  • Do they keep up with promises?
  • Does their product perform as advertised?
  • Do they carry out proactive maintenance?
  • Does the company offer training for the solution provided?
  • Will the solution add value to your practice?

The answer to all of these must be yes. Novarad is an imaging solution company with solutions that answer these questions and a reputation for excellent service, great products, and great people.


Choosing a radiology imaging solutions company that is trustworthy guarantees that your practice will receive the best. To get this, check out the company's reviews to find out what other customers say about their products and services. Does it have good, honest, and trusted reviews, recommendations, recognition, and possibly awards? Good reviews are the result of clients' trust and strengthen a company's reputation. For example, Novarad has high standing on Capterra, a software review platform.

These reviews and recognitions, especially those from the company's website, will give you a better perspective of how the company has helped other businesses like yours. In 2020, Novarad's CryptoChart was recognized as "Best New Radiology Solution" in the MedTech Breakthrough Awards program. With the Novarad COVID-19 AI Diagnostic Assistant win in 2021, Novarad became the first company to win the award two years in a row.


The cost of projections for contracts is another factor to consider when choosing a radiology imaging solution company. In acquiring these imaging solutions, what are the annual support fees like from the company?

While trying to curtail expenses, be sure to go for companies with reasonable support fees that cover multiple things, including technical support, software updates (patches, etc.), and upgrades (like major version releases). The benefit of having support bundled into the overall cost of the product is that there are no surprises and no nickel and diming.

On cost projections, David Myrice, director of practice management at Zotec Partners, says, "Obtain quotes on purchase prices and maintenance costs, as well as information about warranties, and use that data to determine your monthly payment."

An exemplary imaging solutions company offers a comprehensive list of solutions and can provide easy upgrades and remote access to their imaging solutions. In other words, the company should provide scalability and remote support.


In this era of technological advancement, where almost everything has gone digital, it's best to choose imaging solutions companies that offer remote capabilities and contactless experience. Remote access is necessary to obtain error logs, troubleshoot errors, and carry out system updates when required.

When considering what to look for when choosing a radiology imaging solutions company, these factors can help imaging center managers and radiologists make informed decisions, particularly about working with the right company. Novarad has a broad range of advanced imaging solutions that will deliver clinical, operational, and fiscal excellence.

Here at Novarad, we believe that the key to a successful imaging center is to work smarter, not harder, to deliver the type of care and outcomes that patients desire.

To see how we can help improve your workflows, feel free to reach out to our workflow specialists today!