Why are Imaging Procedures Low-Value at Children's Hospitals

Avoiding unnecessary services is a big part of value-based care. Providers don’t want to waste healthcare resources, and patients don’t want to get a procedure they don’t need.

How does radiology measure up? A new study of “low-value” services has found some opportunities for improvement. Low-value services are healthcare treatments or procedures that carry a higher price tag than other options, without any added benefit.

Researchers wanted to estimate the prevalence and cost of low-value services. They looked at emergency department visits and hospitalizations at 49 children's hospitals in the United States. The 30 most low-value services cost almost $17 million total!

The biggest offenders in radiology included:

  • Emergency department CT scan for abdominal pain ($1.8 million)
  • Emergency department CT scan for a minor head injury ($1.5 million)
  • Chest radiography for asthma in the emergency department ($1.1 million)
  • Chest radiography for bronchiolitis in hospitalized patients ($801,680)

Hospitals varied widely when it came to offering low-value services. You can read the full study in JAMA Network Open.

This is not the first study to look at low-value imaging services among children. Another study found that, among children enrolled in Pennsylvania Medicaid, more than 1 in 20 encounters included low-value imaging. Most of these were for bronchiolitis, head trauma, and headache.

Providers or parents might ask for low-value imaging services because they may be overly concerned about ruling out a serious diagnosis. They may think that doing something is always better than doing nothing—even if the low-value service can be costly, or involve unnecessary radiation.

Providers should take the lead in reducing low-value services. They can help parents understand the potential risks and costs of the service, the benefits of avoiding a low-value procedure, and the chances of a truly serious diagnosis.

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