How AI Can Save Radiologists Time on Redundant Tasks

Despite a growing body of research showing the potential benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), many radiologists remain skeptical of the concept.

Why radiologists aren’t swayed by AI

There are several explanations for why AI’s threat to radiologists have not materialized. Likewise, there are good reasons why radiologists themselves have not been captivated by the technology and eager to adopt it in their practices.

  • Scientific evidence for AI effectiveness remains uncertain. While media attention focuses on studies that show great potential for AI, there have been just as many less favorable study results.
  • Deep learning remains vulnerable to sabotage, false data, or faulty associations.
  • Radiologists have more knowledge about the context of imaging results, such as the full patient history, than AI algorithms.

So, is there any way to win over radiologists to the use of AI in healthcare?

Saving time is key to supporting radiology

 Radiologists may be more welcoming of the use of AI if, instead of focusing on AI’s diagnostic capabilities, supporters focus on its ability to save radiologists’ time.

Like any other career, radiology has its share of what Dr. Amine Korchi calls “time consuming, repetitive and mind-numbing” tasks.

One of those tasks, measuring leg length discrepancy (LLD) in children, is the subject of a new study that could nudge radiologists toward a more pro-AI mindset.

You can check out the full study online in Radiology.

Researchers from China’s Yantai University and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia created a deep learning model that used data from the X-rays of 179 children. The deep learning method measured pediatric leg lengths 96 times faster than subspecialty-trained pediatric radiologists, with a “high” correlation to the radiologists’ measurements.

If AI can be shown to automate and save time on redundant tasks, radiologists may be more willing to give AI a shot.

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