Radiologists, It's Time to Speak Up For Your Value in Value-based Care!

Does it seem like the value-based care conversation leaving radiologists out in the cold? That shouldn’t be the case.

Healthcare providers in every industry are ramping up their move to value-based care, which focuses on improving patient outcomes while lowering costs.

Unfortunately, many discussions of value-based care ignore the role of radiology.

Considering the huge contribution that radiology makes to healthcare, this is a pretty unfortunate oversight. So say a group of experts in a group statement published in Radiology and other journals.

Radiology plays a major role in bringing value to healthcare

The article, titled “Radiology in the Era of Value-based Healthcare,” explains the extensive role that radiology plays in bringing value to healthcare.

Some of the ways that radiology helps improve patient outcomes:

  • Prevention, such as imaging-related screening measures
  • Diagnosing and staging disease, which can improve healthcare decision-making
  • Evaluating the progress of treatment
  • Interventional radiology, which often leads to improved outcomes and faster recovery compared to more traditional surgical methods
  • Engaging in teleradiology, a type of telehealth, which can connect underserved communities with areas that provide quality care

“Radiologists and radiology departments have a responsibility to help define and create value wherever possible and to optimize the yield from what we do,” the authors write.

They add, “By embracing VBH principles, and striving to create value where possible, radiology can contribute greatly to moving from a volume-driven system to a value-driven one, where as many investigations or interventions as possible contribute positively to patient outcomes. This will require renewed willingness on the part of radiologists to participate in team-based clinical decision-making with other specialists.”

Although lots of different factors contribute to the successful adoption of value-based healthcare, we focus on the tools that help streamline your entire radiology workflow from quick and accurate readings at the tap of a screen to a great patient experience.

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