Transforming Your Cardiology Lab for New Revenue

transforming your cardiology lab

With an aging population and increasing technological advances, cardiology is expected to grow significantly through 2025. An investigation conducted by The Journal of American Cardiology used results from the 2020 census to forecast its cardiology projections, gauging how much cardiology will expand in the coming decades. Each of the four cardiology risk factors—diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and obesity—is expected to grow by 2060, with diabetes seeing the sharpest increase (39.3%). Over 100 million people will be impacted by hypertension, obesity, and dyslipidemia, highlighting the importance of cardiology labs.

To prepare for this surge, you must transform your cardiology lab to be fully automated. Your cardiologists will gain a more efficient working environment while eliminating expensive errors, which the National Laboratory of Medicine cites as costing the healthcare industry $20 billion each year. To save money and time, Novarad offers the progressive technology needed for total cardio lab automation.

With NovaCardio, a complete Cardiac Motion Imaging CPACS solution, cardio labs can gain instant, seamless automation. Containing a full suite of analysis tools and integrated viewers, NovaCardio can be used as a standalone workstation or alongside other cardiac modalities and DICOM-compliant PACS. It’s vendor-neutral with multi-modality viewing, so cardiology labs can have full interoperability and easy integration with the EMR/EHR.

With a streamlined workflow, cardiologists no longer need to master multiple systems for patient data. They were once hindered by inefficient mechanisms and manual reporting processes, but now their time-consuming manual tasks, susceptible to error, can be eliminated with NovaCardio’s automation.

Cardiology laboratories face significant challenges—including reduced budgets, staff shortages, and consolidation with other labs—and the automation provided by NovaCardio streamlines everyday activities, enabling cardiologists to perform with increased focus and efficiency. Additional benefits include:

  • Automatic distribution of completed studies
  • The ability to view images in the EMR
  • A single-click workflow
  • Auto display of prior studies
  • A faster and more efficient clinical enterprise

Fast diagnosing and quick employment of treatment are crucial for saving lives. With an automated cardio lab, cardiologists can pivot their attention to those at the center of their work: their patients.

Clinicians can gain more time with EncaptureMD, a reporting tool that launches directly from the NovaCardio Diagnostic Imaging Viewer. With integrated structured reporting, it pre-programs and corrects patient ranges, removing the need for cardiologists to go back and check their work. With the convenient auto-launch system, cardiologists can open EncaptureMD and NovaCardio on any machine. With the ability to access EncaptureMD studies from a single login, cardiologists gain structured reporting with multi-modality viewing of cardiology CR, CT, MRI, and angio studies, with a quick comparison of priors.

To view a wide range of imaging as part of a workup, cardio labs must be armed with specific study viewers. NovaCardio’s suite of viewers allows for effortless integration. For example, the stress echo viewer is automatically deployed whenever a cardiologist selects a stress echocardiogram study to read. When evaluating the same patient in the ECG, a specific ECG viewer is launched for the management of electronic script reading. Novarad’s CPACS employs similar automation, launching a separate viewer to maintain vascular imaging, nuclear medicine, and cardiac catheterization.

A best-in-class Stress Echo viewer, NovaCardio offers a streamlined workflow with a detailed stage-by-stage view for physically and chemically induced studies. To help deliver a higher level of patient care, NovaCardio employs automation to identify priority cases, enabling cardiologists to place the most critical patients at the forefront. As a combined single database cardiology solution with advanced data aggregation, it further improves patient care by fully integrating with any EMR or CVIS directly. Cardiologists gain the ability to access the image viewer anywhere, anytime—even remotely. With NovaCardio, first-rate patient care has no boundaries.

With this lab automation, cardiologists gain:

  • State-of-the-art QC, research, and reporting tools
  • Diagnostic tools, including calcium scoring, vessel analysis, auto ejection fraction, and oral segmentation
  • Print-and-click reporting
  • Measurements and data populating from the cardiology PACS and modalities
  • Colored reports with anatomical mapping
  • The ability to function as a model added to your NovaPacs EI system

By removing repetitive data entry, NovaCardio reduces errors, saving you money while providing faster and more efficient patient care and transforming your cardiology lab. It’s cost effective and scalable with structured reporting, and the radius menu involves just two uncomplicated clicks, improving cardiology performance. It contains enterprise imaging across specialties, and supported cardiology PACS include echocardiography, cardiac MRI and CTA, ECG/EKG, vascular ultrasound, nuclear medicine, interventional invasive cardiology, electrophysiology, pediatric cardiology, and time domain imaging MRI/CT.

Hindered by inefficient manual reporting procedures, cardiology labs often suffer from slow report turnaround times and delayed decision-making. But intimidated by the potentially high costs and timeliness of automation, they must continue working with outdated, disjointed technology. NovaCardio is affordable and easily implemented, making the solution for transforming your cardiology lab.

By eliminating time-consuming processes and mistakes, cardiology labs automated with NovaCardio can realign their focus, making high-quality patient care their primary objective.

Here at Novarad, we believe that the key to a successful imaging center is to work smarter, not harder, to deliver the type of care and outcomes that patients desire.

To see how we can help improve your workflows, feel free to reach out to our workflow specialists today!