"How Can I Improve My Radiology Business?" We're Glad You Asked!

how can i improve my radiology business

The healthcare and diagnostic imaging spaces are constantly changing, and radiology businesses have to keep up. To be more competitive, imaging center managers and radiologists have to ponder the question: "How can I improve my radiology business?"

To put their radiology business ahead of the pack, radiology departments need an edge when dealing with referring providers, patients, and employees. With community trust and online reviews being among the most effective marketing strategies for imaging centers, being proactive about a radiology business’s reputation is a key strategy.

Getting an answer to the question, “How can I improve my radiology business?”, can be a challenge. However, that shouldn’t be the case for radiology practices. Here’s a compilation of strategies that can help imaging businesses soar above their competition and improve workflows.

Simple Strategies to Help Improve Your Radiology Practice

1. Leverage CryptoChart Image Sharing to Improve Patient Care

With CryptoChart, radiology practices can expect to improve workflows and subsequently, improve patient care.

Thanks to the transformative technology, radiology practices can receive DICOM from various modalities or PAC systems. With CryptoChart storing encrypted images in a highly secure cloud system that makes them available through an encrypted and shareable QR code, radiology practices can simplify their workflows. Without relying on CDs, passwords, or logins, CryptoChart can help radiology centers save time for their referring physicians. Specifically, QR codes help radiology centers save time by not having to burn CDs and by providing referring physicians with adequate information without delay.

Referring physicians also save time when working with large reports. Accessing data via the CryptoChart system is much faster than opening CDs. Overall, CryptoChart improves workflows and patient care and ultimately, increases profitability.

Viewing patient information on any mobile device or PC makes image sharing much simpler and faster for both patients and providers. With CryptoChart, radiology centers enable patients and referring physicians to access records via PCs, smartphones, Macs, and tablets. With this solution, medical information is readily accessible, facilitating timely decision-making and improving healthcare outcomes. Eventually, the benefits help radiology businesses improve their reputation and profitability.

HIPAA compliance can introduce challenges that affect workflows in radiology centers. But CryptoChart offers effective solutions to ensure compliance. With features like time-limited access codes, an option for an additional method of authentication, and 180-character alphanumeric and encryption-strength randomly generated optically coded passwords, radiology businesses can ensure seamless operations and guarantee HIPAA compliance. This translates to improved radiologist-patient relationships and a better reputation for imaging centers.

2. Monitor Radiation Exposure and Improve Patient Safety

Radiation dose, or the amount of radiation that’s absorbed by a person’s body, determines the health consequences after one is exposed to the emissions. With radiation interacting with DNA to produce damaging free radicals, there’s a need for radiology practices to monitor radiation doses to prevent exposing patients to dangerous or even lethal amounts.

Given the risks associated with lethal radiation exposure, NovaDose can help radiologists and image center managers answer the question: “How can I improve my radiology business? I can do so by reducing unnecessary exposure to my patients”

With NovaDose, radiology departments can easily monitor radiation doses and improve patient safety. With this enterprise-ready and fully automated clinical solution, radiologists can monitor radiation dose exposures without affecting workflows and from various mainstream imaging modalities. NovaDose supports imaging modalities like computerized tomography scans, mammography, digital radiography, nuclear medicine, angiography, and positron emission tomography scans.

Powered by PACSHealth’s DoseMonitor, NovaDose easily tracks a patient’s historical dose indices and can alert clinicians. By automatically searching existing PACs in a radiology facility, the solution aggregates a patient’s ionizing dose history and creates an alert that’s based on a patient’s dose threshold. Eventually, this prevents excessive radiation doses, improving patient safety.

For radiology businesses providing angiography, NovaDose also maps a patient’s peak skin dose using the National Institute of Health Global Dose Registry. This enables clinicians to compare a patient’s radiation dose with a global database consisting of millions of similar studies worldwide. This improves the accuracy of recommended radiation doses, further improving patient safety.

Therefore, thanks to NovaDose, radiologists and imaging center managers can improve their businesses’ reputations and retain more customers.

3. Take Advantage of Advanced Imaging and Analysis to Improve Care

Integrated imaging and analysis systems can often be a challenge for radiology departments. With numerous changes characterizing the advanced imaging and analysis space, clinicians often ponder, “How can I improve my radiology business?”

Nova3D+ offers a solution.

With this fully integrated imaging and analysis system, radiologists can employ advanced techniques in analyzing studies at their workstations. With the picture-archiving and communication features, radiologists can conduct advanced tissue segmentation, render full-resolution images, and carry out multiplanar reformation and maximum intensity projection on the go. Due to the functionalities provided by Nova3D+, radiology businesses can vastly improve their workflows and subsequently, their reputation and profitability.

The solution utilizes the time-domain imaging capability. With this imaging system, physicians can easily measure the rate of enhancement in different tissues. By color-coding the changing rate, radiology departments can easily identify areas that have abnormal rates. With this advanced imaging and analysis solution, radiology practices can improve their diagnostic capabilities. Given that diagnostic challenges can affect workflows in imaging centers, the system helps drive improvements in patient care and enhance an imaging center’s reputation.

Coupling NovaPACS with Nova3D+ also unlocks numerous potentials for radiology departments. Together, the solutions enable radiologists to read patient information easily and more accurately. With NovaPACs, advanced image manipulation and processing are possible. For instance, it supports the comparison of images in different workstations or physical locations. This further improves the capability of Nova3D+ and in turn, improves efficiency within radiology practices.

Improving a radiology business can be a challenge for many imaging center managers and radiologists. However, with solutions like CryptoChart, NovaDose, NovaPACS, and Nova3D+, radiology practices can optimize their workflows.

Here at Novarad, we believe that the key to a successful imaging center is to work smarter, not harder, to deliver the type of care and outcomes that patients desire.

To see how we can help improve your workflows, feel free to reach out to our workflow specialists today!